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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is NLP?

NLP explores the connection between how you think (Neuro), how you communicate verbally and non-verbally (Linguistic) and your patterns of behaviour and emotional responses (Programming).

Some History

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP originated in the mid 1970's when John Grinder, a professor of Linguistics and Richard Bandler, a student of Mathematics and Computer Science became curious about how really successful people achieved their excellent results. They were inspired by the works of Milton Erickson (hypnotherapy), Fritz Perls (Gestalt therapy), Virginia Satir (family therapy) and Ivan Pavlov's research into classical conditioning, which when applied in NLP is called Anchoring. They were encouraged by Gregory Bateson, who carried out pioneering anthropological studies into patterns of behaviour and communication in Bali and New Guinea; and carried out research into schizophrenia, how humans learn and psychiatry. Bateson played a major role in cybernetics and other systems thinking and Bandler and Grinder drew their concepts significantly from his work.

NLP explores not only what highly effective people do, but more specifically how they do it. This includes their external behaviour and language, the way they think and the internal mental processes that they use. NLP demonstrates that if you apply the same processes as these highly effective people, you can achieve the same successes in your life.

Eventually this methodology which Bandler and Grinder called Modelling led to a collection of methods and techniques that can be applied to any area of your life. By replacing old unhelpful thoughts and behaviours with those of highly successful people you can achieve the most extraordinary outcomes and accomplish goals you might at the moment feel are merely dreams.

NLP in Therapy

When employing NLP in therapy, this methodology and these techniques are used to help clients significantly improve their life and realise their goals. In NLP Practitioner Training, students learn to apply these tools and principles in their own lives and also in the lives of others.

None of us were born with an instruction manual for our mind, and from infancy we have relied on what other people have said and what our experiences have taught us. This influences how we behave and react.

Putting it simply - we have been taught to how be and have learned what to have or what to expect from life. We also learn how to repeat or re - act to these experiences as a consequence of the information we have received.

In fact as you grow up you develop a theory of how the world works and though you might not have thought about it, have constructed this very personal view of the world and how you exist in it.

Terrible things happen to people from all walks of life and many of these things happen randomly and are truly out of our control. However the mental defences we have constructed shape our responses. Isn't it curious how two people who have experienced very similar things can react so differently? How one person might turn a negative experience into an opportunity for change and another stays stuck in the experience?

Unlocking Your Potential

NLP challenges these responses by claiming that you are much more than the sum total of what other people have told you and what you have experienced so far in your life; and that there are an infinite amount of possibilities out there - more than you can possibly imagine, and that you can construct an alternative set of beliefs and strategies if the ones you have constructed so far are not working positively for you.

To unlock this potential, all you need is a methodology or an instruction manual for your mind and a curiosity and willingness to try something different.

NLP provides this by helping you understand how the information that you receive through your senses is processed, and how this impacts on your beliefs, values and strategies. This assists you to identify the areas in your life that you'd like to change.

NLP then shows you how to make elegant and effortless changes to make this transformation, accomplish your goals, and achieve truly exceptional outcomes.

Session Costs

  • NLP Initial Consultation - £80
  • Getting over your Driving Test Nerves package - £375
  • NLP 3 hour Block Session - £380
  • NLP Breakthrough Session (2 Days) - £1,200

Want to Know More?

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