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Hypnosis is probably one of the most early and natural forms of healing known to mankind. It has its roots in ancient civilizations and has been used down the ages to refresh and rejuvenate, motivate and inspire. Unfortunately, especially with the popularity of stage hypnotism, hypnosis has become a vehicle for ridicule, where potential clients have learned to foster a deep fear of losing control and being made do things that would humiliate them or make them behave out of character.

This doesn't remotely express what happens in Hypnotherapy; so isn't it time to rethink what Hypnosis is and what it isn't?

The Trance State

Hypnosis (or trance) is a perfectly normal state that we find ourselves in, every day of our lives. Have you ever been entranced by watching a movie or listening to a great story teller or transfixed by a wonderful feeling? Have you ever been so absorbed in a project where time seemed to stand still? Well that is trance (or Hypnosis).

It is also useful to ask yourself how you would react in these situations if a fire alarm went off. Well, I'd expect you'd drop what you were doing and get to a safe place. Hypnosis is also like that, you are fully conscious and in control but extremely relaxed. You can break trance whenever you want to.

Don't expect to feel hypnotised. In fact nobody can hypnotise you! Hypnotherapy is a perfectly natural phenomenon, very different from sleep where you are in a state of consciousness but extremely calm and in control. This state facilitates the potential for extraordinary positive changes in your life, in ways that you choose.

Session Costs

  • £55 per hour

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All therapy is designed specifically for you and strictly by appointment.

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