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Case Studies and Testimonials

Before considering any case study it is important to respect confidentiality. So in the following examples all identities have been disguised to protect client confidentiality.


Sam, a 42 year old mother of two boys who worked as an IT consultant, had a phobia of birds.

A phobia is an intense irrational fear that causes a person not to be able to function properly when faced with the root of their fear. The NLP Phobia Model allows the client to eliminate their phobia quickly with as little discomfort as possible, and at the end of the process literally laugh in the face of their old, irrational but very real fear.

Sam writes:

"I had an irrational fear of birds. Big ones and little ones; I couldn't eat outside or sunbathe in case a bird came near me and I never went into London because it seemed filled with pigeons. I avoided the countryside and had begun to spend a lot of time inside (I often work from home). I missed weddings and refused holidays even though I knew this was irrational; the truth was that birds rarely came near me because I would scream hysterically and frighten them off if one came within earshot.

When I visited Anne she said she'd had a similar phobia too but she'd forgotten how to do it and she asked me if I'd teach her how to do it my way. I thought this was odd but I did what she said and before I knew it the treatment was over and I couldn't see what all the fuss had been about. I now live in the City and can't remember the last time I noticed a bird. I sometimes go to Trafalgar Square just to see if I can conjure up those old feelings but - excuse the pun - I don't feel a flutter.

- Sam, aged 42, London

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety can range from experiencing a periodic low level sense of uneasiness to acute episodes of relentless emotional distress.

Depression can present in a diversity of ways that seriously affects a person's ability to live their life to the full, and in some cases lose their very verve for living.

Depression and Anxiety may or may not be a reaction to a specific event, and in either case, the root cause of the anxiety can be dealt with by using specific NLP interventions and Time Line Therapy.

Carol, a 27 year old Civil Servant, tells her story:

"Ever since I can remember, I seemed to have spent my life with this vague feeling of doom in the pit of my stomach. I have no recollection of an event that happened that changed me and I should have had a happy childhood because my brother and two sisters did. I just felt different. Then I started to worry about dying and once I had my first child I became terrified that he would die. My doctor said I was suffering from acute anxiety and post natal depression. She suggested drugs, counselling and TLC (tender loving care) so I approached a complimentary therapist who suggested NLP. I contacted Anne and was impressed by how seriously she took my condition. She saw me straight away and I decided try Time Line Therapy™. The results were immediate! That old feeling in the pit of my stomach had gone. I am a new person and my little boy has a new mum."

- Carol, aged 27, Buckingham

Survivors of Trauma and Those Experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Response

Debbie, a 21 year old language student had been diagnosed by her doctor as experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and had been referred for counselling. However, she found it extremely distressing and terminated the work after 3 sessions.

A Trauma is a significant emotional and/or physical wound or experience that stays with a person long after it first occurred. Survivors often experience flash backs, panic attacks, anxiety and depression and this often prevents them from doing the things they took for granted before they experienced the event, and from making choices about things they'd like to do now.

There are many Talking Therapies that work specifically with people living with the after effects of Emotional Trauma and those experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Post Traumatic Response Syndrome. Many of these therapies take the view that recovery will take a lot of painful work and time, often spanning several years.

NLP takes a different view. Using Time Line Therapy and other NLP interventions, relief can take as little as a day. NLP techniques are designed to be content free, so it isn't necessary for the client to revisit or talk about their experience, making the process as stress free as possible.

Debbie's view:

"Many years ago I was involved in a car crash where I was seriously injured. The injuries healed and all was well until the time came for me to learn to drive. I started to experience flash backs and nightmares and my doctor suggested counselling. The counsellor was very nice but I was so upset at the end of sessions that I cancelled. I just wanted my life to go back to what it had been before the crash and I was on the brink of giving up driving lessons when my instructor suggested I visit Anne.

I didn't know what to expect but Anne put me at ease. I decided to try Time Line Therapy™. At the end of the session I felt that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I hadn't realised how angry I had been about the crash. Now that anger has gone and so has the fear and guilt. I passed my test first time and have a new lease of life!"

- Debbie, aged 21, Kidlington

Creative Blocks

James, aged 48 is a published author who experienced what he described as 'writers block'.

Many artists and writers experience times when they can't seem to work. This is extremely distressing and often they express that they are not sure if they'll ever work again. This leads to anxiety and depression and often it is difficult to see a way out. NLP techniques and Time Line Therapy are invaluable tools to help creativity flow again. James approached me after hearing how NLP had helped a colleague.

"I have been a writer for over 20 years, and last year I woke up and found that I had nothing to say. I didn't worry at first and took a holiday but when I returned home I still couldn't work and my days and nights were spent pouring over the same copy. Then the bills started to arrive and still I couldn't come up with anything remotely interesting. Though physically fit, I was diagnosed with depression. I don't like taking pills and I'd heard about NLP from a friend so I made an appointment to visit Anne Thompson. I was initially sceptical and she suggested that I might not be ready to take the steps necessary for change. At the time I was furious but agreed; however two months later I was convinced that NLP was right for me. I contacted Anne again and she suggested a Personal Breakthrough session. I'm now writing again and considering a second career in NLP. I have so much more energy and confidence, and I feel ready to take on anything the world has to throw at me."

- James, aged 48, Amersham

Dyslexia and Spelling

Though not dyslexic, 7 year old Charlie was finding it difficult to spell. He was a gifted young mathematician who enjoyed sport but had started to miss school because of mystery illnesses that seemed to strike when he had his weekly spelling test.

Amy (Charlie's mum) says:

"It was heart breaking to see Charlie in such a state. I sat with him day in day out helping him with his weekly spelling list, but he just couldn't remember them. I could see from his school work that he was struggling and was willing to try anything. I heard Anne talk about NLP Spelling Strategies at a counselling workshop and approached her for help. The transformation has been phenomenal; Anne showed me how to access Charlie's 'learning state' and how to teach him to concentrate better. We spend about 15 minutes each school night practicing his spellings and by the test at the end of the week he can spell each word backwards as well as forwards."

- Amy, Abingdon

Exam and Driving Test Nerves

Jonathan had tried to pass his driving test for over 4 years and had taken in excess of 7 tests. His Driving Instructor was bewildered and had even arranged a second opinion with a colleague who agreed that Jonathan could drive to a high standard. However, from the moment he arranged a Driving Test appointment Jonathan became consumed with fear and anxiety.

Exam nerves can have devastating effects, especially when candidates have worked long and hard, passed mock papers and tests with flying colours, only to find that they under achieve, go blank or experience extreme panic once in the exam room or test centre. Using a combination of NLP interventions and Hypnosis these extreme reactions can be smashed in only a few hours.

Jonathan writes:

"Most people take learning to drive and passing their Driving Test for granted, but not me. I'd been a late starter leaving my lessons until half way through University and now I needed to get a job and most jobs required a Driving License. Fortunately I returned to University to complete my Doctorate and during this time I made a commitment to pass my Driving Test. The first few tests were disappointing but I wasn't prepared for how progressively difficult it was to control my nerves. The Driving Test became worse instead of easier; on one occasion my partner arranged a surprise test in an attempt to bypass my anxiety, but I went to pieces in the Test Centre car park and it was a nightmare.

I picked up one of Anne's leaflets, and after an initial appointment felt raring to go. It took just one morning trying out NLP and Hypnosis with Anne, for me to become confident enough to apply for my Driving Test. Guess what? I passed and even enjoyed it; I knew I was in control and even if I hadn't passed, I would have next time.

- Jonathan, aged 24, Banbury

Addictive and Compulsive Behaviour

Sophie is an Freelance Artist.

NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis have a lot to offer people who would like to recover from addictions and compulsive behaviours. As a stand alone treatment (such as for nail biting and hand washing), to a valuable inclusion in a rehabilitation programme for alcohol and substance abuse, these interventions offer relief and an opportunity to move on.

Sophie writes:

"I have been through rehab for drug addiction and successfully kept clean for some years. But recently I couldn't seem to break free of negative feelings and I was worried that I might slip into old habits. I sought help and was encouraged to try different approaches to wellbeing and NLP was on the list. I was referred to Anne who introduced me to Time Line Therapy and within a day I dealt with a lifetime of negative emotions. A weight has been lifted off me and I at last have peace of mind and feel motivated to continue in good recovery."

- Sophie, Guildford

Limiting Decisions

Susan is a teacher in higher education.

We all have experienced time when we have had our confidence knocked and it is not unusual to carry experiences sometimes from our early years into adulthood. You may feel that these doubts might have been appropriate then but they certainly aren't appropriate now; or you may experience an inner dialogue that keeps you stuck. NLP offers solutions for all limiting beliefs and the changes are swift and often don't need a detailed personal history.

Susan says:

"I was at a turning point in my life and there was a terrific career opportunity. However although I was more than adequately qualified I didn't feel I was good enough. I was just about to let the job of my dreams slip through my fingers when I met Anne during an NLP Training Course. Within an hour I had completed a NLP Belief Change, and made the call to my line manager at work to proceed with my application. Getting the job has seriously improved my life and I am amazed that I ever had that old limiting belief."

- Susan, aged 36, Oxford

Values Conflicts

Josh owns a thriving small business, is married and has three children.

Our values support our beliefs and if our beliefs are getting in the way of having excellent relationships, a desired career or are impacting negatively on the way we look after ourselves and the people and things we cherish, it is likely that we have a Values Conflict.

Josh's experience:

"In 2005 I was made redundant and decided to start my own business. The business has been popular and successful to a point, but I have found it difficult to negotiate fees and have often undersold the service I offered. I bumped into Anne at a small business event and she suggested that NLP could help. I had nothing to lose and used the remainder of my redundancy to invest in an NLP Breakthrough Session. I had two fantastic days of working just on myself and finding out not only how I tick but made lasting changes to the way I think in the context of business and relationships. My values have changed and in this financial climate I have managed to significantly increase profits and change some of my less useful relationships. This has made such a difference to my family life, and I have so much more time to do the things I like to do best."

- Josh, Aylesbury

Weight Management

In the past few decades the Diet Industry has boomed and more and more people are experiencing problems associated with obesity or having too low a body weight. Even when a BMI (Body Mass Index) is ideal, many people become preoccupied by parts of their body that they'd like to change. This isn't helped by the media which promotes 'perfect' images of the ideal body, and it doesn't matter that we know that most of these images are air brushed to perfection; many people feel that they should have bodies like that too.

Julie a 23 year old medical student writes:

"It doesn't matter how much you know about nutrition and what it takes to stay fit, it is easy to fall into a life style that promotes the opposite. I work long hours and it became a habit to eat on the run. Often I'd eat several snacks (usually chocolate) instead of a proper meal. I'd miss visits to the gym and eventually became 3 stone over weight. I then became bulimic and though I knew what it might do to my overall physical health, I wasn't prepared for the emotional roller coaster ride it took me on. Eventually I broke down; everyone put it down to work related stress and studying too hard, but deep down I knew I needed help. I knew Anne through my work and made an appointment to talk to her about what was happening to me. We set realistic goals and she put me in touch with people who had similar experiences and had recovered. The combination of Modelling these people, Time Line Therapy™, NLP and Hypnotherapy have helped me recover too. I now have a healthy, strong body and a peaceful mind. I want to share my experience and help others, so I've decided to learn these techniques and use them in my practice when I qualify as a doctor."

- Julie, aged 23, Cheltenham


Teri is a Mature Student

Lack of motivation or procrastination is one of the most common issues that keep so many people stuck; however it is one of the easiest and most satisfying conditions to shift using NLP interventions. Within an hour procrastination can be turned into motivation.

Teri says:

"I met Anne at an NLP introduction and volunteered to help demonstrate how Procrastination can be turned into Motivation. At first I was unconvinced; however when I got home I just couldn't stop doing those little jobs that I'd been putting off for ages. Then I got around to booking myself on a training course that I'd been thinking about for years. To my amazement I've been able to find the time to finish off my assignments and I feel like someone's changed my batteries."

- Teri, Reading

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