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Therapy & certified practitioner training in Witney & Wantage, Oxfordshire

Who Can I Help?

Clients for both Therapy and Training come from all walks of life.

As a client, you might source Counselling or NLP Therapy with a specific issue in mind and once this is resolved, become satisfied and get on with your much improved life.

NLP Therapy

There are specific NLP interventions for:

NLP Practitioner Training

Once you seek NLP Therapy and see the results for yourself, and especially when you hear your friends and family comment about the positive changes you have made, you may feel ready to learn more about Neuro Linguistic Programming and become a Practitioner of NLP.

It is not unusual for NLP Therapy to lead to new career choices and personal development opportunities.

Students have curiosity to learn more, so Practitioner Training gives you an opportunity not only to practice powerful techniques but to experience receiving them under the supervision of an experienced Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis.

NLP Practitioner Training gives you the student:

  • Skills for life
  • For the rest of your life
  • That you can use in any walk of your life

I have worked with students, teachers and academics; executives and medics; prison and probation officers; parents and their children; artists, actors and an author or two; not to mention people working for the Emergency Services and Armed Forces. In short I will work with anyone who wants positive lasting change in their life, career and relationships, and have an open mind and a willingness to take certain steps to achieve their goals.

Want to Know More?

All therapy is designed specifically for you and strictly by appointment.

To contact Anne to discuss your needs or ask any questions about her therapies or training, just call 07879 685 383 or 01235 768 033, or email

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