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What is Counselling?

We all have times in our lives when we find it difficult to cope and it seems impossible find a solution. Often the first port of call is to talk to family and friends, however there are times when this isn't appropriate (especially if they are part of the problem). Counselling provides a safe place to talk to an independent person who is trained to listen in a non-judgmental way, and to help you make sense of what is troubling you.

For some people there are specific issues such as the loss of a relationship, a job or bereavement. Some people's coping strategies might be harming them in other ways, such as an eating disorder or addiction. For others there might be an underlying feeling of anxiety, dissatisfaction or depression and they find themselves stuck.

It takes a lot of courage to talk to someone you don't know about very personal matters. Qualified counsellors are aware of this because as part of their training they have to have therapy too. Consulting a counsellor involves a willingness to reveal oneself and take an emotional and financial risk in order to achieve a better quality of life. Taking such a decision is in itself a sign of strength, health and hope.


Providing a safe environment to talk is essential to the therapeutic process and the content of what is expressed during a counselling session is always protected and respected. However, there are exceptional situations. For example - if you intend to hurt yourself or another person, your therapist might consider talking to another professional. In the unlikely occurrence of this it is customary to discuss with you what the best way to proceed would be.

Professional Responsibilities

Anne Thompson works within the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy (2003). She receives regular and ongoing supervision and training associated with Continuing Personal Development to keep within BACP Guidelines.

Session Costs

  • £45 for 50 minutes

Want to Know More?

All therapy is designed specifically for you and strictly by appointment.

To contact Anne to discuss your needs or ask any questions about her therapies or training, just call 07879 685 383 or 01235 768 033, or email

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