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Couple & Relationship Counselling

Without exception, each of us is in a relationship, has been, or would like to be in one.

It could be in a family setting, an intimate relationship, a friendship, a partnership or a professional alliance.

A relationship is a bond that can be stretched to its limits or cherished. It can be developed into an object of beauty or neglected and abused; the possibilities are endless. However one thing most people would agree with is that relationships often need attention - especially if the people involved in the relationship experience change or begin to value different things.

What is Relationship and Couple Counselling?

Relationship and couple counselling can help people explore how the way they communicate and the way they behave affects their relationships. Often small changes can lead to extraordinary results.

People who seek relationship counselling are usually aware that their relationship is in trouble; and though there are no guarantees they hope that it can be repaired or rebuilt. Sadly this isn't always the case. Nevertheless, relationship and couple counselling gives the people involved a chance to explore the options in a confidential, non-judgemental setting, generally together (but not always), and move on to the next stage in their relationship and future relationships.

Most people will agree that when a relationship isn't working, life can become miserable and even unbearable. If you have any questions about the relationship and couple counselling I offer, please contact me to discuss how this approach can help you.

Want to Know More?

All therapy is designed specifically for you and strictly by appointment.

To contact Anne to discuss your needs or ask any questions about her therapies or training, just call 07879 685 383 or 01235 768 033, or email

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